Fargopix PTY LTD

Country: South Africa, Cape Town

CK No: 2011/137770/07
Vat No: 4720263054
Tax No: 9809447155
Import/Export No: 21487002
ITAC Certification: IMP2015/16763
Petroleum “Wholesale License” No: W/2015/0145
Fargopix PTY LTD is currently busy looking to expand its base in the SADC region
having satisfied itself in South Africa as a transport / logistics and “Wholesale
Licensed” Petroleum Supply Company whose mission is to become one of the
largest transport / logistics and petroleum supply companies in South Africa and
SADC region. The company's strategy is to consolidate its excellent customer and
client service by making timely deliveries, hiring the best drivers and staff, and having
a competitive pricing structure. The Company’s management philosophy is based on
responsibility and mutual respect;
Fargopix PTY LTD consists of a strong management team. Sipho Speelman as a
Director for Fargopix PTY LTD - his experience combined in shipping and
transportation of goods supply will ensure in good service to our customers.
In addition to developing our human capital, Fargopix PTY LTD is planning large
scale investments in infrastructure that will support the efficiency of the business over
the long term and contribute towards South Africa’s economic growth.

Address5, bordeaux complex
Phone+27 0 729966708
Fax+27 0 865102525