AIS data sharing


The transmission of Automatic Identification System (AIS) data was mandated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for all vessels of 300 gross tons and upwards engaged in international voyages, for all cargo ships of 500 gross tons and upwards not engaged in international voyages and for all passenger ships regardless of size. Beyond this IMO mandate, it remains up to individual countries that receive AIS information as to how they will gather, view and share this data that may be used in fleet tracking systems for real time tracking of vessels.

aishub database for ship infoThrough several local and regional marine data sharing initiatives, a number of countries have taken the next step and begun to share AIS information across regions and continents and are benefiting from a broader AIS picture.

The global sharing of AIS data among governments through an open, internet-based data exchange is rapidly becoming a popular tool to enhance security as well as commercial and environmental safety and very useful in fleet monitoring. It is also a path to greater inter- and intra-regional trust, cooperation and overall maritime awareness.