Maersk Container Tracking


Our Maersk tracking system allows you to track your Maersk Container cargo by entering the Bill of Lading or Tracking Number (or Booking Reference Number). The track and trace system provides details about searched container cargo location instantly.

Maersk Container Tracker

The online tracker will redirect you to Maersk Container Tracking Page after clicking the track button.

Note: Maersk tracker system supports Domestic and International Maersk Container tracking. Bill of lading number (also called BL Number or BOL Number or B/L Number) is required to track your container or vessel.

Maersk Company Overview

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Maersk Tracking is maybe the most searched vessel tracking criteria today. Main reason is that Maersk is one of the biggest container ship owners and Maersk Tracking is an important feature for everyday operations of maritime business.

Maersk Line is a global container division and the biggest operating unit of A.P. Moller – Maersk Group. The line provides ocean transportation all over the world and serves clients through 374 offices located in 116 different countries. Maersk company has 23,000 land-based employees and hires 7,100 seafarers. The line operates 604 container ships.

Triple E Maersk LineMaersk Line is part of Maersk Group, with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Group as a whole employs around 89,200 people in nearly 130 countries. Its 2014 revenue is US$ 48 billion.

Maersk Line’s biggest ships now sailing the world’s oceans are the vessels of Maersk E-class, which are 396-metre long. The secret of the size of the Triple-E lies in the sheer bulk. Through amazing engineering performance, the Triple-E’s expanded inside cavity (able to hold 18,000 20-foot containers/TEUs), gives a capacity that is 16% greater than E-class ships, equivalent to 2,500 more TEUs.


Maersk Container Fleet

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1 SEAGO ISTANBUL931394320074504293.86
2 SEAGO PIRAEUS931395520074196294.1
3 SEAGO BREMERHAVEN931396720074196293.83
4 P&O NEDLLOYD TAURANGA701591319701258211.49
5 P&O NEDLLOYD LUANDA78171151980852169.4
6 PEGASUS BAY751089619782436258.55
7 MELBOURNE STAR710816219711294217.25
8 ARGENTINA STAR763668819791261207.32
9 MAERSK PACER90071541991073.6
10 MAERSK CHAMPION84019511986069.3
11 MAERSK CHANCELLOR84019751986069.3
12 MAERSK ATTENDER91937952000090.31
13 MAERSK SERVER91913712000082
14 MAERSK SUPPLIER91806831999082
15 MAERSK SEEKER91806951999082
16 MAERSK HANDLER92467242002080
17 MAERSK SEARCHER91913691999082
18 MAERSK MARINER84093811986082
19 MAERSK SHIPPER91694831999082
20 MAERSK ACHIEVER92459022003090.31
21 MAERSK BEATER91443421997084.6
22 MAERSK BATTLER91443301997085
23 MAERSK WINNER92459142003090.3
24 MAERSK HELPER92467362002080
25 MAERSK VEGA92940822006089.4
26 MAERSK DISPATCHER92989092005089.3
27 MAERSK VENTURA92940942006081.13
28 MAERSK DETECTOR92989112006089.3
29 MAERSK TRACER93886132009073.2
30 MAERSK TRANSPORTER93886492009073.2
31 MAERSK LOGGER94257222009090.3
32 MAERSK TRACKER93886372009073.2
33 MAERSK TRADER93885962008073.2
34 MAERSK TOPPER93885842008073.2
35 MAERSK LASER94554042010081.79
36 MAERSK TACKLER93886012009073.2
37 MAERSK TRIMMER93886252009073.2
38 MAERSK TRAVELLER93886632009073.2
39 MAERSK FORZA939269020080107.6
40 MAERSK NOMAD94247782009081.84
41 MAERSK TERRIER94134682009073.2
42 MAERSK LANCER94258492010090.3
43 MAERSK LIFTER94257342009090.3
44 MAERSK TENDER93886512009073.2
45 MAERSK NEXUS94247802010090.15
46 MAERSK LAUNCHER94257462010090.3
47 MAERSK LEADER94257102009090.3
48 MAERSK CLIPPER96499262014084.4
49 MAERSK CUTTER96499382015080
50 MAERSK MASTER97610352017095
51 MAERSK INSTALLER975391120170137.6
52 MAERSK MARINER97610472017095
53 MAERSK INVOLVER975392320170137
54 MAERSK INVENTOR975393520180137.6
55 MAERSK MINDER97654692018095
56 MAERSK MOVER97610592018095
57 MAERSK IMPLEMENTER975394720180137.6
58 MAERSK MOBILISER97654712018095
59 MAERSK MAKER97654832019095
60 MAERSK CALIFORNIA882019519921658176.4
61 MAERSK TENNESSEE77171691980566230.26
62 MAERSK TEXAS77020231979850230.26
63 MAERSK MISSOURI915512119984324292.08
64 SEA-LAND DEVELOPER782090419802816257.51
65 MAERSK IDAHO919326420004658292.07
66 SEA-LAND INNOVATOR782085119802816257.49
67 SEA-LAND PATRIOT782089919802816257.51
68 MAERSK CAROLINA915513319984324292.08
69 MAERSK CONSTELLATION77171711980566182.28
70 SEA-LAND FLORIDA821261119844614289.52
71 LTC JOHN U.D. PAGE821271419854614289.5
72 SEA-LAND PRIDE821266119853918261.02
73 SSG EDWARD A. CARTER JR.821267319854614289.5
74 SEA-LAND PERFORMANCE821272619854614289.52
75 SEA-LAND INTREPID914302519974082292.15
76 MAERSK MICHIGAN925524420030183
77 MAERSK SARATOGA928920720042096195
78 MAERSK YORKTOWN928919220042096195
79 MAERSK OHIO929869820064544292.08
80 ALLIANCE ST. LOUIS928550020050199.9
81 MAERSK MONTANA930531220064544292.08
82 MAERSK PEARY927849220040180
83 MAERSK IOWA929868620064650292.08
84 MAERSK ATLANTA934864920066188299.47
85 ALLIANCE FAIRFAX930354620050199.1
86 MAERSK SELETAR931519720076478318.41
87 SAFMARINE NGAMI935607420082478210.49
88 MAERSK SENTOSA931520220076478318.41
89 SAFMARINE MAFADI931421020074154292.08
90 MAERSK KINLOSS933302220086200299.5
91 MAERSK KENSINGTON933301020076200299.47
92 MAERSK HARTFORD933300820076200299.47
93 MAERSK COLUMBUS933298720076188299.47
94 MAERSK DENVER933299920076188299.54
95 ALLIANCE NORFOLK933254720070199.9
96 MAERSK DETROIT933303420086200299.5
97 MAERSK PITTSBURGH934217620086200299.5
98 OCEAN TRADER945721820110193
99 AILSA981575720180243.2
100 P&O NEDLLOYD NINA790006519812014200.26