Subsea Solutions - OTH

Country: Spain, Huelva

In-water Survey and repairs. Vessel services.

Subsea Solutions – OTH offers technical support to the vessels who operates in our area. This includes beside others the following services:

Propeller Polishing with specific hydraulic tools for this kind of works (High revolutions/low abrasion). We can get different polishing grades in order to meet the clients needs, up to Rubert “A”.

• Inspections, cleanings and repairs on hull: instruments, water captures,sea chest, emissaries or seals.
• Epoxi anticorrosive underwater coating on areas with injuries as a result of external impacts or grazes.
• Others in-water Ships repairs. Wet-welding and ultrathermic cutting, etc.
• Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). Thickness and corrosion measurements.

Hull in-water Survey. Report photos and HD video footage.

AddressCalle Taray, nave nº 48
Phone+34 686 417 530