Metalock International Association Ltd

Country: United Kingdom, Ashby de la Zouch

Metalock is the name given to the unique on-site stitching engineering process of the cold repair of cracked & broken castings. Repairs can often done in-situ, with the process retaining the characteristics of the base material. Recognised as being the only real alternative to welding cast iron.

The International Association represents all registered member country organisations worldwide, where we assist in developing excellence in engineering repair services. We cover up to 70 countries worldwide, maintaining a consistently high level of quality and service to the marine and offshore industry.

Repairs can be challenging on a ship, but this is not the case for Metalock.

✺ Locally situated in major ports around the world.
✺ No heat distortion, or metal structure degradation.
✺ In-situ repairs in restricted environments, sometimes when the ship is sailing.
✺ Repairs in days, rather than a replacement in weeks.
✺ We also do other repair services, like onsite machining.
✺ Repairs accepted by international classification societies.

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