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SAJ is the No. 1 in dynamic measurements.
The SAJ-DMS® system is a dedicated DYNAMIC measuring platform with all measurements within one system developed for its purpose which advantageously replace other standards.
Today accurate measurement is a necessity to control cargo handling, verify stability, detecting squat shallow water and trim optimization. The SAJ-DMS ® system has considerable installation record on the market and known for its accuracy and amply fulfils IMO SOLAS & EMSA requirements.
Its optimal design makes it easy to install also as retrofit using only ONE through-hull intake/gauge combining dynamic sensors. It advantageously can replace usually failing gauges in bow and stern. It provides real time measurements of TRIM, LIST and HULL FLEX BENDING including DRAFT indicated in NINE positions with presentation also of HYDROSTATICS and DWT situation on-line.
The marine industry has recognized “YOU CAN’T OPTIMIZE WHAT YOU DON’T MEASURE” consequently enough accurate and reliable measurement is a must today to manage trim optimization.
The SAJ-ODT® add-on module guides for the Optimal Dynamic Trim in several steps which allow collecting higher savings.
The GM inclining module can through two step press of button easily determine vessel’s stability considering full mass.

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