Golden Ocean Marine Services, Egypt

Country: Egypt, Port Said


Integral supply of provisions, technical stores and services to ships arriving at Egyptian ports, guaranteeing satisfaction, security and low prices. All supplied goods should be prepared under supervision of our Quality Review Team. All items should meet the criteria of ISSA quality Standards.
Integral repairs and maintenance through our efficient work shop and supervised by a highly experienced technical team.
Underwater operations such as cleaning hull, fixing anodes, underwater repairs and welding using manual and pneumatic tools with a videography of all the operation.
Inspection of fire fighting systems with certification. Inspection and supply of safety equipment.
Calibration of measuring instruments and test load for cargo cranes using water bags.

Our main purpose is to achieve a secure and reliable supply channel to ships call the Egyptian ports. Our Company continuously provides high standard supplied products with cost-effective prices, fastest delivery, friendliest but professional and efficient services. We also aim to either stock or outsource any requirements you could have in a variety of amounts or in restricted time, so as to deliver safely on time and best quality.
All our internal system is computerized to achieve the best performance and save time. Our database contains a history of prices and quantities remain in our stores. A customer can receive our offers to the required items within few minutes.
The Variety of goods available in our stores is our tool to success. And as a importer of these products, we can offer a competitive prices with international standards.

Our aim is to become your partners serving your fleet anywhere around the world, be the leading shipping supplier in the Mediterranean, a trusted supplier in the Egyptian shipping suppliers market , while adding superior value to our customers.

We are looking forward To continuously innovate and face the challenges of the growing demands on marine tools in the market without compromising the end-user's needs and satisfaction by providing cost-efficient and quality products.

Address18, Safia Zaghlol & El- Gish St
Phone0020 66 333 6461
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