Stevenaak AALTJE ENGELINA Cruises

Country: Netherlands, Leeuwarden

From May / June 2016 this magnificent Stevenaak built in 1884 will expand our fleet. After years of restoration and rebuilding (see documentation, see also history) this classic sailor will be completed in order to give people the experience with beautiful sailing trips.
The classic ambience of the interiors equipped with mahogany and solid pine wood painted in white and gray creats a cozy and authentic atmosphere. The cabins are all equipped with hot and cold running water, 220 volts, cupboards with ample space for your luggage and a central heating system, where you can preheat your towels. There are two bathrooms, equipped with shower, toilet, central heating, 220 volts and a sink with hot and cold water on board. In front of the ship is the lounge with cozy low benches and tables. In the rear part of the vessel is the kitchen with a second large seating area where you can comfortably eat together. The kitchen is equipped with a four-burner stove, dishwasher, oven, refrigerator ...
Simple and easy to sail.
The rigging of Aaltje Engelina is equipped with various ways to use the sails by hand or electric winches. In order for the Stevenaak is both the sporting group that wants to be very active, as well as for the crew, who wants to be rather be sailing, the right ship. The winches are either manually or electrically operated, the swords are electrically moved and the mainsail is equipped with lazy jack, so that it is cleaned up in a jiffy.

On the Aaltje Engelina tension and relaxation go hand in hand with what you expect as a guest on board.

AddressDe Zwemmer 1