Alpina Shipping Denmark

Country: Denmark, Naestved

When Alpina Shipping Denmark was established in 1984 its primary purpose was to provide chartering services to the shipping industry. We were soon thereafter appointed exclusive chartering agents for a few dry cargo ships which improved to a fleet of a dozen ships upto up to cape size. This gave us the opportunity of discovering at first hand the pressures and responsibilities of running a shipping fleet. We believe that there are three basic but essential elements necessary for success: cost-effectiveness, efficiency and foresight. These considerations are ever present in our policy and decision-making process.

We were in 1986 appointed exclusive brokers by Ideal Shipping Ltd and in 1988 by Tomini Shipping Ltd to cover their tonnage requirements and handle the commercial management of their chartered and owned fleet of bulk carriers.

Address19 Ramsherred
Phone+45 55777777