UFS Container Ships


UFS (United Feeder Services) operates 15 container ships with total TEU of 15670. The biggest UFS container ship is AS CYPRIA with TEU of 2824. UFS was established in 1999. The following list of UFS container vessels gives you details about ship particulars, current position and container schedules.

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9315812 AS CYPRIA200628242859239425222.16
9330513 SATIE200628242861639359222.11
9406960 OKEE CUNO200817321848523710176.83
9123922 LOGOS199516251871623970194.2
9236262 SC PHOENIX200111551030812545149
9366483 ASIATIC ISLAND200711471030812720148.53
9164225 MAERSK AHRAM199810921455717728155
9356658 ATLANTIC MONACO200810221060912244146.4
9368041 JSP MISTRAL2010905803210316138.15
9226372 MAIKE D200066063267944133.24
9141106 TARLAN199654550067000116
8412003 MEDKON M19851121720235694