Westwood Container Ships


Westwood (Westwood Shipping Lines (WSL)) operates 7 container ships with total TEU of 15450. The biggest Westwood container ship is GSL MAREN with TEU of 2500. Westwood was established in 1981. The following list of Westwood container vessels gives you details about ship particulars, current position and container schedules.

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9504592 GSL MAREN201425002637434086208.88
9173135 THORSWIND199921692158330046183.65
9226059 WESTWOOD VICTORIA200320483255145851199.84
9226047 WESTWOOD COLUMBIA200220483255145000199.77
9226061 WESTWOOD OLYMPIA200420483255145000199.9
9226035 WESTWOOD RAINIER200220483255148000199.79
9385439 CONTSHIP DAY200770671708524132.69