MACS Container Ships


MACS (Maritime Carrier Shipping) operates 12 container ships with total TEU of 21100. The biggest MACS container ship is GOLDEN KAROO with TEU of 2260. MACS was established in 1970. The following list of MACS container vessels gives you details about ship particulars, current position and container schedules.

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9465423 GOLDEN KAROO201322603046937472199.91
9502312 GREEN MOUNTAIN201322603046937511199.95
9465411 BLUE MASTER II201322603046937444199.97
9465435 BRIGHT SKY201322603046937472199.97
9262572 EA BLUE NILE200418662496035015188.64
9231092 RED CEDAR200116802313230538192.9
9231119 MSC MADISON II200216782313230538192.92