FESCO Container Ships


FESCO (Far Eastern Shipping Company) operates 21 container ships with total TEU of 18790. The biggest FESCO container ship is FESCO DIOMID with TEU of 3091. FESCO was established in 1935. The following list of FESCO container vessels gives you details about ship particulars, current position and container schedules.

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9365295 FESCO DIOMID200930913582442274220.23
9412529 ELBSPRING20108801155014483140.65
9296999 FESCO NAVARIN200470764548505133.6
9296987 FESCO NOVIK200470764548508133.58
9004516 VIKTORIYA199256460309597113.12
9004487 MILLA199256460309500113.12
9133173 AMUR199733162637335129.1
7941198 KAPITAN KREMS198032053335720130
7941849 KAPITAN SERGIYEVSKIY198132053335720130