Nile Dutch Container Ships


Nile Dutch (Nile Dutch Shipping (NDS)) operates 14 container ships with total TEU of 32120. The biggest Nile Dutch container ship is MSC PHOENIX with TEU of 6586. Nile Dutch was established in 1998. The following list of Nile Dutch container vessels gives you details about ship particulars, current position and container schedules.

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9267649 MSC PHOENIX200365867619980270299.95
9444417 JOLLY CLIVIA201043004139151570262.08
9430765 VIRGO200942544122550360264.95
9430777 VOLANS201042544122550334265.07
9612791 NC BRAVO201535003910648044224
9612765 NC BREDA201435003910648044223.98
9419668 CAPITAINE BARET200926642705134567210
9231157 ZEBRA200126022709334622210
9294525 AS PATRIA200626002710034515210
9241475 MSC BALTIC III200324782540733767207.3
9500077 UML VALENTINA2010712977212349139.99
9371919 ONEGO MISTRAL200761853157708117
9566679 BLUE SKYE200961853387734117