Seaboard Container Ships


Seaboard (Seaboard Marine Line) operates 25 container ships with total TEU of 33480. The biggest Seaboard container ship is CMA CGM MAPUTO with TEU of 1740. Seaboard was established in 1983. The following list of Seaboard container vessels gives you details about ship particulars, current position and container schedules.

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9491628 CMA CGM MAPUTO201117401832123265175.38
9373462 HANSA OSTERBURG200717401827523552175.52
9323493 MSC IRA II200717321848023716176.9
9393589 AAL GUNSAN201016121912825747159.8
9393553 AAL GENOA201016121912825733159.89
9393577 AAL GALVESTON201016121912825774159.89
9256389 HANSA FREYBURG200314001833423467175.63
9395044 VARAMO200712841537518322166.15
9383297 SEABOARD RANGER20091100994813684147.94
9344239 DIANA J2006850828011005139.61
9264764 MERIOS200365767048015132.6
9014030 SEABOARD SUN199147075677748138.09
9110547 CARIBE MARINER19953402899391699.27