Delmas Container Ships


Delmas (Delmas America Africa European Line) operates 79 container ships with total TEU of 747000. The biggest Delmas container ship is CMA CGM CONGO with TEU of 9200. Delmas was established in 2005. The following list of Delmas container vessels gives you details about ship particulars, current position and container schedules.

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9679892 CMA CGM CONGO20159200102931115682299.97
9567661 SEROJA LIMA201185408668290388316
9349502 COLORADO EXPRESS200869217557985614306.1
9348675 LONG BEACH EXPRESS200851005467568463294.04
9525376 MAERSK CHAMBAL201245005071461614249.12
9334351 EM KEA200731083582442166220.32
9225770 JULIE200222622606130453195.6
9220859 KUMASI200122262606130453195.6
9220847 AKITETA200122262606130592195.6
9225782 KETA200322262606130450195.6
9220861 NICOLAS DELMAS200222072606130450195.6
9239862 FLORA DELMAS200216411691621420168.8
9119660 BLPL TRUST199615121574120058166.87
9396610 ATLANTIC WEST200813501616217350161.3