Jin Jiang Container Ships


Jin Jiang (Jin Jiang Shanghai Shipping Corporation) operates 12 container ships with total TEU of 12200. The biggest Jin Jiang container ship is NINGBO TRADER with TEU of 1118. Jin Jiang was established in 1983. The following list of Jin Jiang container vessels gives you details about ship particulars, current position and container schedules.

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9347968 NINGBO TRADER20061118994813769147.78
9666857 MILD SONATA20141100999413238147.9
9704594 MILD TUNE20151100999413250147.9
9666845 MILD CHORUS20141100999413294147.9
9666869 MILD WALTZ20141098999413272147.9
9666871 MILD JAZZ20141098999413276147.9
9742027 GLORY SHENGDONG20171020999312325142.99
9102538 QIU JIN1995668799811064135.2
9102526 JJ TOKYO1995668799811064135.2