Maersk Container Tracking


Our Maersk tracking system allows you to track your Maersk Container cargo by entering the Bill of Lading or Tracking Number (or Booking Reference Number). The track and trace system provides details about searched container cargo location instantly.

Maersk Container Tracker

The online tracker will redirect you to Maersk Container Tracking Page after clicking the track button.

Note: Maersk tracker system supports Domestic and International Maersk Container tracking. Bill of lading number (also called BL Number or BOL Number or B/L Number) is required to track your container or vessel.

Maersk Company Overview

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Maersk Tracking is maybe the most searched vessel tracking criteria today. Main reason is that Maersk is one of the biggest container ship owners and Maersk Tracking is an important feature for everyday operations of maritime business.

Maersk Line is a global container division and the biggest operating unit of A.P. Moller – Maersk Group. The line provides ocean transportation all over the world and serves clients through 374 offices located in 116 different countries. Maersk company has 23,000 land-based employees and hires 7,100 seafarers. The line operates 604 container ships.

Triple E Maersk LineMaersk Line is part of Maersk Group, with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Group as a whole employs around 89,200 people in nearly 130 countries. Its 2014 revenue is US$ 48 billion.

Maersk Line’s biggest ships now sailing the world’s oceans are the vessels of Maersk E-class, which are 396-metre long. The secret of the size of the Triple-E lies in the sheer bulk. Through amazing engineering performance, the Triple-E’s expanded inside cavity (able to hold 18,000 20-foot containers/TEUs), gives a capacity that is 16% greater than E-class ships, equivalent to 2,500 more TEUs.


Maersk Container Fleet

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1 MATZ MAERSK9619983201418270399.2
2 MADISON MAERSK9619945201418270399.2
3 MORTEN MAERSK9632105201418270399.2
4 MARSTAL MAERSK9619971201418270399.2
5 MAGLEBY MAERSK9619957201418270399.2
6 MARIBO MAERSK9619969201418270399.2
7 METTE MAERSK9632155201518270399.2
8 MUNKEBO MAERSK9632117201418270399.2
9 MARGRETHE MAERSK9632131201518270399.2
10 MATHILDE MAERSK963217920150399.2
11 MARIT MAERSK963216720150399.2
12 MARCHEN MAERSK9632143201518270399.2
13 MARIE MAERSK9619933201318270399
14 MAERSK MC-KINNEY MOLLER9619907201318270399
15 MERETE MAERSK9632064201418270399
16 MAJESTIC MAERSK9619919201318270399
17 MAYVIEW MAERSK9619995201418270399
18 MARY MAERSK9619921201318270399
19 MAREN MAERSK9632129201418270399
20 MOGENS MAERSK9632090201418270399
21 EMMA MAERSK9321483200613460398
22 EVELYN MAERSK9321512200713460396.4
23 ESTELLE MAERSK9321495200613460396.4
24 ELLY MAERSK9321536200713460396.4
25 ELEONORA MAERSK9321500200713460396.4
26 EBBA MAERSK9321524200713460396.4
27 EUGEN MAERSK9321550200813460396.4
28 EDITH MAERSK9321548200713460396.4
29 METTE MAERSK935903820089930371
30 MARGRETHE MAERSK935900220089930371
31 GRETE MAERSK930288920059930367.3
32 GUNVOR MAERSK930289120059930367.3
33 GUDRUN MAERSK930287720059930367.3
34 GERD MAERSK932024520069930367
35 GEORG MAERSK932025720069930367
36 GJERTRUD MAERSK932023320059930367
37 MAREN MAERSK935902620089930366.9
38 MATHILDE MAERSK935905220099930366.9
39 MARCHEN MAERSK935901420089930366.9
40 MARIT MAERSK935904020099930366.9
41 ANNA MAERSK926042120037226352.6
42 ARTHUR MAERSK926044520037226352.6
43 ARNOLD MAERSK926043320037226352.6
44 ADRIAN MAERSK926045720047226352.6
45 ALBERT MAERSK926046920047226352.6
46 AXEL MAERSK926041920037226352.1
47 SVEND MAERSK916677819997226347
48 CHARLOTTE MAERSK924574420027226347
49 CLIFFORD MAERSK919857519997226347
50 CAROLINE MAERSK921490320007226347
51 CARSTEN MAERSK921979520007226347
52 CORNELIUS MAERSK919858720007226347
53 A.P.MOLLER921489820007226347
54 SUSAN MAERSK912085319977226347
55 CLEMENTINE MAERSK924577020027226347
56 CORNELIA MAERSK924575620027226347
57 SOVEREIGN MAERSK912084119977226347
58 SVENDBORG MAERSK914646719987226347
59 COLUMBINE MAERSK924576820027226347
60 CHASTINE MAERSK921980020017226347
61 SALLY MAERSK912086519987226347
62 SINE MAERSK914645519987226347
63 SKAGEN MAERSK916679219997226347
64 SOFIE MAERSK914647919987226347
65 SORO MAERSK916678019997226347
66 MAERSK ALGOL934252820089580338
67 MAERSK ALTAIR934249920079580337.6
68 MAERSK ANTARES934250420079580337.6
69 MAERSK ALFIRK934251620089580337.6
70 MONDRIAN STAR928992220048478335
71 P&O NEDLLOYD MANET928993420058478335
72 MICHELANGELO STAR928994620058478335
73 MIRO STAR928995820058478335
74 MAERSK STEPNICA935200420088600335
75 MAERSK STOCKHOLM935204220088600334.1
76 MAERSK SALALAH935201620088600334.1
77 MAERSK SAVANNAH935202820088600334.1
78 MAERSK SALINA935203020088600334.1
79 MAERSK TAURUS933467420088400332
80 MAERSK TAIKUNG933466220078400332
81 MAERSK TUKANG933468620088400332
82 MAERSK TANJONG933251120078400332
83 PACIFIC JADE939549620110330
84 PACIFIC IVORY939529020110330
85 MAERSK SELETAR931519720076788318.4
86 MAERSK SENTOSA931520220076788318.4
87 MAERSK SEMAKAU931525220076788318.4
88 MAERSK SENANG931524020076788318.4
89 P&O NEDLLOYD HOUTMAN921531120016802300
90 MAERSK SHAMS972666920150299.97
91 MAERSK SIRAC972571820150299.91
92 P&O NEDLLOYD KOWLOON916222719986690299.9
93 P&O NEDLLOYD STUYVESANT921148220016802299.9
94 P&O NEDLLOYD SHACKLETON921149420016802299.9
95 P&O NEDLLOYD KOBE916221519986690299.9
96 P&O NEDLLOYD ROTTERDAM915386219986690299.9
97 P&O NEDLLOYD SOUTHAMPTON915385019986690299.9
98 MAERSK LA PAZ952689920117450299.9
99 MAERSK LUZ952690420117450299.9
100 MAERSK LIRQUEN952688720117450299.9