Maersk Container Tracking


Our Maersk tracking system allows you to track your Maersk Container cargo by entering the Bill of Lading or Tracking Number (or Booking Reference Number). The track and trace system provides details about searched container cargo location instantly.

Maersk Container Tracker

The online tracker will redirect you to Maersk Container Tracking Page after clicking the track button.

Note: Maersk tracker system supports Domestic and International Maersk Container tracking. Bill of lading number (also called BL Number or BOL Number or B/L Number) is required to track your container or vessel.

Maersk Company Overview

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Maersk Tracking is maybe the most searched vessel tracking criteria today. Main reason is that Maersk is one of the biggest container ship owners and Maersk Tracking is an important feature for everyday operations of maritime business.

Maersk Line is a global container division and the biggest operating unit of A.P. Moller – Maersk Group. The line provides ocean transportation all over the world and serves clients through 374 offices located in 116 different countries. Maersk company has 23,000 land-based employees and hires 7,100 seafarers. The line operates 604 container ships.

Triple E Maersk LineMaersk Line is part of Maersk Group, with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Group as a whole employs around 89,200 people in nearly 130 countries. Its 2014 revenue is US$ 48 billion.

Maersk Line’s biggest ships now sailing the world’s oceans are the vessels of Maersk E-class, which are 396-metre long. The secret of the size of the Triple-E lies in the sheer bulk. Through amazing engineering performance, the Triple-E’s expanded inside cavity (able to hold 18,000 20-foot containers/TEUs), gives a capacity that is 16% greater than E-class ships, equivalent to 2,500 more TEUs.


Maersk Container Fleet

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1 MAERSK HOUSTON984895020190353.021
2 MAERSK CURACAO9786205201900
3 MAERSK CRETE9786190201900
4 MAERSK CORSICA978618820190183.15
5 MAERSK CEBU978617620190183.153
6 MAASTRICHT MAERSK9780483201919630399
7 MAERSK MAKER97654832019095
8 MAERSK HUACHO984894820180353.021
9 SVITZER SONIA97878832018023.8
10 MAERSK CAYMAN978616420180183
11 MAERSK CALLAO978615220180183
12 MAERSK CAPRI978614020180183.15
13 MAERSK CANCUN978613820180183
14 MAERSK HERRERA9784324201815226353.021
15 MAERSK HAMBURG9784312201815226353.02
16 MAERSK HANGZHOU9784300201815226353.02
17 MAERSK HANOI9784295201815282353.02
18 MUMBAI MAERSK9780471201819630399
19 MANILA MAERSK9780469201819630399
20 MURCIA MAERSK9780457201819630399
21 MANCHESTER MAERSK9780445201820568399
22 MARSEILLE MAERSK9778844201820568399
23 VAGA MAERSK977854520180200.03
24 VENTA MAERSK977576320183600200
25 VAYENGA MAERSK977575120183600200.07
26 VOLGA MAERSK977574920183600200
27 VISTULA MAERSK977573720180200
28 MAERSK MOBILISER97654712018095
29 MAERSK MOVER97610592018095
30 MAERSK IMPLEMENTER975394720180137.6
31 MAERSK INVENTOR975393520180137.6
32 POLAR COSTA RICA978678620173800230
33 POLAR MEXICO978675020173800230
34 MAERSK HAVANA978433620170353.021
35 MAERSK HIDALGO9784283201715262353.02
36 MAERSK HALIFAX9784271201715226353.02
37 MAERSK HORSBURGH9784269201715226353.02
38 MAERSK HONG KONG9784257201715226353.02
39 MONACO MAERSK9778832201720568399
40 MILAN MAERSK9778820201719630399
41 MOSCOW MAERSK9778818201719630399
42 MUNICH MAERSK9778806201719630399
43 MADRID MAERSK9778791201719630399
44 VILNIA MAERSK977853320170200
45 VUOKSI MAERSK977577520170200
46 MAERSK MINDER97654692017095
47 MAERSK MARINER97610472017095
48 MAERSK MASTER97610352017095
49 MAERSK INVOLVER975392320170137
50 MAERSK INSTALLER975391120170137.6
51 MAERSK TRIESTE973293120170183
52 MAERSK TRENTON973292920170183
53 MAERSK TEESPORT972646320160183
54 MAERSK TANGIER972645120160183
55 MAERSK TIMARU971809020160183
56 MAERSK TORSHAVN971808820160183
57 MAERSK TOKYO971807620160183
58 MAERSK TIANJIN971806420160183
59 MAERSK STADELHORN9726671201510000299.92
60 MAERSK SHAMS9726669201510000299.92
61 MAERSK SIRAC9725718201510000299.92
62 MAERSK TAMPA970862920150183
63 MAERSK TACOMA970861720150183
64 MERCOSUL ITAJAI969700220152500194.87
65 MAERSK CUTTER96499382015080
66 MAERSK VOYAGER963357520150228
67 MATHILDE MAERSK9632179201518000399.2
68 MARIT MAERSK9632167201518270399.2
69 METTE MAERSK9632155201518000399.2
70 MARCHEN MAERSK9632143201518270399.2
71 MARGRETHE MAERSK9632131201518270399.2
72 SAN VICENTE969920620149000299.92
73 SAN CLEMENTE969918920149000299.92
74 MAERSK GANGES969458120145400255
75 MAERSK DANUBE969457920145400255
76 MAERSK CLIPPER96499262014084.4
77 MAERSK VENTURER963356320140228
78 MAREN MAERSK9632129201418270399.2
79 MUNKEBO MAERSK9632117201418270399.2
80 MORTEN MAERSK9632105201418270399.2
81 MOGENS MAERSK9632090201418270399
82 MERETE MAERSK9632064201418270399.2
83 MAERSK VALIANT962415820140228
84 MAERSK VIKING962414620140228
85 CAP SAN RAPHAEL9622253201410500333.2
86 CAP SAN ANTONIO9622241201410500333.2
87 MAYVIEW MAERSK9619995201418270399
88 MATZ MAERSK9619983201418270399.2
89 MARSTAL MAERSK9619971201418270399.2
90 MARIBO MAERSK9619969201418270399.2
91 MAGLEBY MAERSK9619957201418270399.2
92 MADISON MAERSK9619945201418270399.2
93 MAERSK AEGEAN963664420130184
94 CAP SAN AUGUSTIN9622239201310500333.2
95 CAP SAN LORENZO962222720139669333.2
96 CAP SAN MARCO962221520139669333.18
97 CAP SAN NICOLAS9622203201310500333.2
98 MARIE MAERSK9619933201318270399
99 MARY MAERSK9619921201318270399
100 MAJESTIC MAERSK9619919201318270399