Country: Togo, Lome

SeaWorld Services– Your Leading ShipChandler IN West- Africa

We are ship chandler & Marine CrewTransfer company located at Port of Lome in Togo with more than 7 years of experience in maritime sector in West Africa. We offer all services at Lome Port & Kpeme in Togo.
We are fighting to be the best choice for your vessels calling at our West- Africa ports. The satisfaction of our customers is our best recommendation.
Vision : Be the best option & choice in ships chandelling & Crew Transfer in Togo for Shipping community worldwide
Email :
Email :
Tel : +228 90 61 29 66/ +228 9021 51 35
Fax : +228 2251 04 64

Our services are:
We supply quality products under strong hygenic control from phyto-sanitary Authorities :
Provision Meat: chicken, beef, poultry, lamb, goat, etc. all vacuum packed, certified, exportation quality Seafood. Luncheon meat. Juice. Fresh vegetables and fruits. Dairy. Frozen goods. Canned goods, slop chest, Dry goods, Sauce, fresh and dry spices indian’ s & phillipine’s food.

Cabin, deck, bonded, medicine, office supply, , laundry, , refill freon R-22, all chemical, calcium chloride flakes, lubricants, all hardware store and spare parts products with an IMPA or ISSA code.

Holds Cleaning materials :
Chemicals Supply for holds Cleaning Jobs
* Hydrochloric Acid purity 23% (HCI)-Muritic Acid-Citric Acid (C6H8O7)-Nitric Acid purity 69% (HNO3)
* MT TOTAL-FINADET DETERGENT FOR TANKERS & OIL RIGS-Super concentrated detergent for tough Cleaning jobs.

Through these years of knowing when, where, what and how to do, we have continuously built strong, close business relations with local and internationl companies.
*Any STS operations agency request, we handle them with dignity and great care (24h/24h)

Zip08 BP 8434
Address01 Rond Point du Port Lome Togo( West -Africa)
Phone+228 90215135
Fax+228 2251 04 64