Country: Italy, Genova

CEMAR AGENCY NETWORK has been working in the shipping business for over 50 years. Our company has been traditionally dedicated to the assistance of yachts and we now have the same flair and dedication in assisting cruising vessels. We are proud to offer the best services on the market for both port and ground operations.

Our team of dedicated professionals take care of luxury cruising vessels, as we work with some of the most important Cruise Companies in the world.

Our Port Agency department is handling more then 800 calls per year and represent many cruise companies in Italy handling all the aspects of the call of a vessel. Nevertheless, it is of the utmost importance for us to retain personal contact with our clients and with the Cruise Staff. Our family owned and managed company ensures the warmest relationship, as we believe that our Customers are first of all our best friends.

Our network of 30 local offices, situated in the main Italian harbours, provide high-quality assistance with the possibility to obtain special tariffs and the best berthing arrangements for our clients.

Thanks to our long-standing friendly relationship with Harbour and Airport Authorities, Police and Customs Officers, we supply smooth operations and prompt customs clearance.

We provide full assistance to signing-on and signing-off crew and staff, wherever they come from, as we are in touch with foreign Embassies and Consulates all around Italy and with Italian Consulates abroad.

Whatever a cruising vessel may need, we satisfy the requests. The most reliable suppliers and ship chandlers are at our clients' disposal to supply all kinds of goods, from the smallest screw to high-tech spare parts, from paper tissues to champagne.

Our forwarding department can deliver parcels all over the world, with the utmost urgency and care.

We co-ordinate ship building, conversions, refits and repairs with Italian shipyards. Our staff are of valuable assistance to the Shipowners on all of these occasions.

We make all the necessary arrangements for ships lay-up. Our company reserves the most suitable wet and dry-docks for any size and type of cruising vessels.

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