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Achour law firm is a full-service Tunisian law firm based in Tunis. It offers a full range of legal services for individual and companies from all over the world in business, corporate, commercial and litigation matters. The firm has a leading team providing the best technical and legal advice and assistance.
Achour Law Firm concentrating on a variety of industry sectors including Shipping & International trade sectors. Achour law firm | Maritime deals with all aspects of both contentious and non-contentious shipping-related work. It handles all types of shipping issues and provide complete Admiralty & Maritime services, as well as commercial & corporate related services in Tunisia.
The firm helped and still help several clients/colleagues to recover their maritime debts/claims by arresting ships in Tunisia. In fact, Tunisia is generally recognised as one of the predictable, transparent and efficient places to arrest ships to press the debtor to pay.
A ship arrest in Tunisia can be the fastest, cheapest and most effective measure in obtaining voluntary payment of an outstanding claim against the ship or the owner. Ship Arrest Procedures in Tunisia are simple, very fast and especially, there isn't any requested guarantee by the applicant before proceeding to the arrest.
A ship arrest in Tunisia may be a suitable remedy for a variety of creditors, such as owners that need to repossess the ship under the charter party, bunker suppliers that have not been paid, shippers for cargo damage, a bank that has terminated the loan facility and wishes to draw on its mortgage or crew members that have outstanding wages. Ship arrest in Tunisia is a relatively easy, inexpensive and quick solution.
Regarding the arrest of associated ships or sister-ship arrest, in the case of a charter vessel whose nautical management has been replaced and where the charterer alone is responsible for a maritime claim relating to that ship, the claimant may arrest such ship or any other belonging to the charterer. No other ship belonging to the shipowner can be arrested under such a claim.
Achour Law Firm | Maritime has significant experience in arresting ships in Tunisia. We are specialised in not only executing an arrest, but also in providing the best commercial and legal strategy prior to and in connection with the ship arrest; whether that would be to abstain from arresting the ship in the next port of call, to arrest aggressively in any port of call or to abstain from arresting the ship and instead arrest bunkers and other stores on board the ship.
For more information about Ship Arrest Procedures in Tunisia, please visit our Ship Arrest Guide relating to Ship Arrest Procedures in Tunisia in our website.
Achour Law firm | Maritime 24-hours Arrest and Casualty Emergency Response secure that no time is lost once an opportunity to arrest a ship emerges (our 24/7 hotline: +216 25 23 24 01).
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