Solstad Offshore (UK) Ltd

Country: United Kingdom, Aberdeen

Solstad Offshore was founded in 1964 (as Solstad Rederi AS) by Captain Johannes Solstad in Skudeneshavn, where the head office is still located. During the first 10 years, the Company bought and operated 11 dry-cargo (liner-type) vessels and took delivery of 3 new builds (semi-container type).

The Company’s offshore-related activities began in 1973 when 4 supply vessels were ordered from a Dutch Shipyard. During the next two years, the Company took delivery of 6 supply vessels and 3 anchor-handling/tug/supply vessels.

From 1974 to 1982 the Company owned and operated a combined fleet of offshore- and dry cargo vessels and, during the same period, several new builds within the same categories were delivered. 5 anchor-handling vessels were built in Newfoundland and 3 semi-container vessels were built in Rostock, East Germany. However, the last dry cargo vessel was sold in 1982 and for the next eight years Solstad Offshore ASA owned and operated offshore/supply vessels only.

For a period of 5 years lasting from 1982 the Company expanded significantly as we took delivery of 9 new-built offshore service vessels, whereof 7 from Norwegian shipyards and 2 from Shanghai. Another 2 second-hand offshore service vessels were also added to the fleet.
From 1989 the Company operated a fleet of 5 handy-size bulk carriers. The last bulk carrier was sold in 1998, since when the Company has owned and operated offshore service vessels solely.

In 1996 a new period of expansion and renewal of the fleet started based on a strategy to operate a modern fleet well adapted to current and future demands. Today’s fleet is divided into 3 main categories; construction service vessels (CSV), Anchor-Handling Tug Supply vessels (AHTS) and Platform Supply Vessels (PSV). The growth has, however, not only been in terms of number of vessels, but the vessels have advanced substantially in terms of size, strength, and by being fitted with more and more advanced equipment.

Simultaneously with the expansion of the fleet, the company has also grown to become a global operator. The company now has branch offices in Aberdeen, Rio de Janeiro, Manila, Perth and Singapore, and the vessels are operating world-wide.

Solstad has been a public company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange from October 1997. The name of the listed company is SOLSTAD OFFSHORE ASA (SOFF).

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