Country: Algeria, algiers

Shipchandler Algeria Action services is a company, which is based in Algiers Port, the capital of Algeria. Our main activity consists in the delivery of products that are needed on board of ships,Provisions, Bonded stores, Deck engine, Electrical, Electronics, Cabin medicical, Stationary, Fire fighting, Life saving apparatus, Food Supplies,Ship supply Algiers portThe good company Action Services responds to client requests at anchor any time, withpreservation and delivery of product quickly, Our goal is to satisfy our customers,Action services company offer a garbage collection services to any type of vessels in the port of algiers , the services is fast and reliable with the best tariff with certificate for garbage includes all garbage category authorised, Action services company is your one marine supplies and services centre. We supply quality products in a wide range of categories: Provisions, Bonded Stores, Deck, Engine, Electrical, Electronics, Cabin, Medical, Stationary, Fire Fighting, Life Saving Apparatus, Food Supplies and Garbage-service,Our main activity consists in the delivery of products that are needed on board of ships specialy provisions and we offer other services such as Garbage-service. Our customers can expect fast, efficient service for all their ship chandlery needs and this 24/24 and 7/7,What gives us the edge in comparison with other companies is the dynamism of our services, the excellence quality of ower poduct and services and the copetiitve prices and our availability for you

Address41 Mohamed Bouchenafa Alger Algeria
Phone+213 552 45 40 50