South Passage - Adventure Under Sail

Country: Australia, Manly

South Passage – Adventure under Sail owns and operates the 100 foot (29.95 m) gaff rigged Schooner South Passage.

Designed specifically for 14-17 year olds to experience adventure under sail, over 40,000 young voyagers have sailed on South Passage since her launch in 1993.

She is sailed in the traditional way. Everything is done manually – there are no winches or mechanical aids. Sails are raised and lowered by hand and every activity requires a number of people working together as a team.

South Passage - Adventure under Sail is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers. Many have a background in sailing and all have a desire to make a difference in the lives of young people who sail with us. We receive no government funding and rely on voyage fees and community support to enable our unique youth development programs to operate.

Our Vision
South Passage will grow and develop young people through adventure under sail.

Our Mission
South Passage will provide safe and challenging experiences for young men and women using the ship as a medium to develop leadership, initiative, independence and self-discipline.

Our Program
South Passage Adventure under Sail’s ROPES program is central to the achievement of our Vision and Purpose. It focuses our efforts on conducting voyages that deliver in terms of the experience for both our crew and our passengers. Everyone is a participant in ROPES.

ROPES: Respect, Opportunity, Participation, Enjoyment, Safety

AddressPO Box 5114
Phone+617 3893 3777