The King of commerce

Country: United States of America, Chandler

As a partner and client of THE KING OF COMMERCE, your freight needs will be handled by a Master Broker; and the practice of the ARMORED RIGHTS intellectual property firm will oversee the confidentiality of every transaction.
We believe in getting the best price for the most reliable service. Our brand is built on being dependable, efficient and dedicated. You will see why we are regarded as educated and presentable. This is why 100% of our clients retain service from our brand partners.
Our confidentiality practice are what separate us from other brokerage operation. Our founder has just over 10 years of experience in product life cycle development. When you bring your business to us, you can trust that one of our key practices will be to keep your competitors from being able to see where your freight is being transported and when your goods will be available for consumers. Being first to market is great, we like to add the ability to enter the market without your competition knowing you have found a need for your goods. Dear customer and partners. On this page you will see my family coat of arms. This is my families signature a guarantee to you. My staff and I alike will work everyday to satisfy the common agreement between you and us here at THE KING OF COMMERCE. My educational background includes Engineering, Business and Intellectual Property Law. Trust that my connection and talents are your resource. I understand what it takes to build and protect a brand. So naturally I understand how important it is to get your goods in the hands of the consumer. With over 5000 acts of transportation a month, I am positive that we can meet your transportation needs. The keys to retention at THE KING OF COMMERCE is experience and ability. We will present drivers to you that meet our retention practice. Hazardous and port transportation are common practice in the industry, and we are familiar with the smallest details. Select our firm, if you want a partner to negotiate relief provided the roads of transportation become rough. You will be thankful you chosen us before an issue becomes present. Select the brokerage tab for a free freight quote, select the Armored Rights tab for selected service to protect your intellectual property, select the promissory note tab to request capital now for your pending accounts receivables.

AddressP.O. Box 12688