Malaga Charter

Country: Spain, Malaga

We are the only company in Costa del Sol which rent a catamaran without crew. For this service you must be in possession of appropriate title and prove experience. If you do not own the title or enough experience, is possible to rent with crew. Ask us about programed routes.

Looking for a boat trip in Malaga City? We offer the most comfortable, livable and stable boat: a Catamaran. It has a network on the prow which allows sunbathing while you are sailing. Enjoy the amazing views of the city and La Costa del Sol weather from the sea.

Do not you know where to celebrate a hen party, birthday or special event? Imagine it aboard our 12 by 6.5 meters Catamaran, fully equipped and located in La Costa del Sol, Malaga (Spain). Just ask us about rates and available dates and enjoy the most original celebration ever.

We train you to get "experience", so you can rent our catamaran yourself. In our sailing academy we will teach you the nautical nomenclature, docking maneuvers, trim rigging and sails, sailors knots, preparing the boat before sailing, mooring maneuvers, etc...

AddressDon Juan Díaz, 4 3ºA
Phone+34 670 800 702
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